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Our Policy

Fair Use Policy


  1. Our Fair Use Policy is applicable to the Services which are subjected to the Fair Use Services.
  2. Our Fair Use Policy tends to ensure the followings-
  • Availability of Services for all academic clients and professionals.
  • Fair Use Services are not applicable in unjustifiable manner.
  1. We belongs the exclusive right in changing or amending any terms of Fair Use Policy time to time.
  2. We might follow the Fair Use Policy against Your unjustifiable claim of Fair Use Services, as per the policy document.

Using a Model Answer

When Education Hub delivers yours order, you need to consider the following-

  • Explicitly going to through the model answers by thoroughly reading to understand what our researcher reflected to the questions;
  • Develop your own ideas and arguments about the answers;
  • Taking notes from the given references used in by the researcher and searching for authentic and legitimate sources;
  • Utilize the written work developed by our researcher as a reference in producing your own unique work;
  • Ensure your own developed original final work applying your creativity and knowledge aligning our researcher made work.

Unjustifiable Use

  1. It is unjustifiable use of Fair Use Services when your used service is considered as-
  • intentionally reused and plagiarized;
  • non ordinary use of work;
  • noteworthy network disruption or else unfavorably affect the operations and affiliated goodwill of Education Hub;


  1. Without limitation:
  • Illicit use of generic work includes resupplying or reselling Our Services to third person claiming Our Services as Your Service or commercially exploit the Fair Use Service;
  • Our customized research work will assure you with intense benefits once you act as per the given Fair Use Policy;
  • We enthusiastically guide the students in tackling their writing;

Our Rights

  1. If we found Your use of Fair Use Services as unjustifiable, We may, at our own circumspection, without notifying You to:
  • Suspend/limit Our services/any features complying Our Agreement with You; and/or
  • Terminate the Service complying Our Agreement with You.


  1. This Policy is supplementary to and does not limit any rights of Education Hub.

If you have any further questions about Education Hub fair use policy, terms of use and privacy policy, please contact us (contact number).


Majority of the written works produced by our researchers are exclusively claimed by the Education Hub. Education Hub researchers provide essay writing, dissertation writing, and assignment writing services just for assisting students. The aim of the Service delivered by Education Hub writers is to assist the buyers as a guideline or framework only. You are not entitled to submit our work as your own. The Service provided by Education Hub tends to be used for research and study purpose only. It is wise to re-write, modify and redesign the written works before you guarantee the copyright

Refund Policy

As a dedicated and professional academic service provider we always try our utmost to make every deal clear and transparent to our respected clients who trust on our ability and competencies to provide them a genuine and effective service and don`t have any doubt on our Excellencies. It is our responsibility to ensure 100% satisfaction for our clients through top notch writing services regarding their expectations although dissatisfaction often arises when expectation varies and we always appreciate out respected clients to communicate and let us know their complaints so that we can work on it for further improvement. We have a transparent Refund Policy which will be applicable if we failed to address their complaints.

If you already hired our writing service but now feels that our delivered service failed to meet your desired expectation you can claim our Refund Offer. Before claiming the Refund Offer you need to ensure that you have valid reasons to make Refund claim. You often might expect from us more than we promised regarding the service standard and in this condition you might not able to get the optimum advantage of our offer.

When you claim about the quality of delivered work, your claim is directly referred to the Quality Assurance team that thoroughly goes through the entire work and evaluates whether your claim is justifiable or it is an effort to get the money back without any justified reason. If the Quality Assurance team finds any serious discrepancies in the delivered work, ever possible actions will be undertaken by the team.


Cases where Refund Policy is Applicable

Missing the Deadline

If the deadline you posted to deliver of your paper is missed by Education Hub and no prior notification or confirmation has been communicated for any delay.

Plagiarism/Quality of Work

If it is found that the delivered paper is highly plagiarized and couldn`t submit for referral. Moreover, if the work couldn`t meet the learning outcome of the module and didn`t gets the pass criteria, refund will be applicable.

Charged Twice for Same Work

Although it is a very rare issue, if it happens with you please contact us and provide us with proof of double charge and we will happily process a refund.

Charged Extra

If due to any technical error extra amount is charged for your order than specified rate please contact us and provide us with proof of extra charge and we will happily process a refund.

Didn`t Get the Service

If you didn`t get your ordered service after exceeding your deadline and even after communicating us at least 3 times and 3 business days have passed. Please note you need to provide us proof of communication.

Canceling the Order

  • For any reason you choose not to pursue with us after placing your order, you can request a refund within 1 hour of placing the order. As this is the maximum time we take to assign a professional writer to your order.
  • If you request a refund within 1 hour, we will refund you in full less the transaction fee applied by the merchant. (Usually 5%)
  • If you request a refund after 1or more hours of placing your order, a 15% processing fee will be charged, since we have already assigned a writer to your order and we will have to pay him anyhow.

Refund Request after Receiving the Service (Within 24 hours)

  • If the delivered service does not comply with what you asked for, you may request a refund after the product/service has been delivered to you. However, in such a rare case, we encourage you to first utilize our Free Revisions feature which offers clients 5 revisions of the same product/service at no extra charge.
  • If you have utilized the 5 revisions and are still not satisfied, then we will offer you 3 options:
  1. Assign a different writer to produce the document on the initial guidelines
  2. Allocate free pages/assignment for future order (different guidelines) of same value
  • Process a refund in by mutually agreeing on certain percentage if it’s a compliance issue (meaning the order you placed was on the topic of “Tourism Trends in Europe” and you received a paper on the topic of “Religious Beliefs Across North America”). If your paper was on topic and everything seems to be in order, there will be no refund.

Cases Where Refund Will not be Applicable

  • Unintentional delays in delivery of the document due to technical issues or minor errors such as typing mistakes, grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, formatting of document, insufficient references, less word count. In such rare occasions both parties i.e. Education Hub and the client may come to a mutual agreement to either settle on a partial refund or discount for future order.
  • Education Hub does not guarantee any grade. No refunds will be issued based on lower grade or not meeting any specific grade.
  • Any delay occurred from your end in terms of requesting for more information regarding your order and you didn’t respond in appropriate time. Example: we requested more information is needed for your order on Monday, and you responded on Thursday.
  • You received your order and decided to request a refund without first utilizing the Free Revisions feature.

Dispute Settlement Procedure

  • In any scenario of discontentment with the delivered order provided by Education Hub, the client must inform Education Hub before contacting any intermediary such as bank, credit card company, PayPal, 2CO/2Checkout, any merchants involved, any legal authorities, etc.
  • If you choose to contact the intermediary without communicating your concern to us in the first place, it will be treated as an infringement to our contract with you. Thus, the matter will then be handled accordingly.
  • In a scenario when Education Hub and the customer fail to settle on a mutual agreement within a period of two (2) weeks, the client will be free to take the matter to the third party.